Field Trips, Demonstrations, and Workshops

SWARA offers field trips to pre-Columbian sites in the Flagstaff area for the benefit of the general public. We also provide demonstrations of experimental archaeology, showcasing the various ways archaeologists recreate and attempt to understand how the indigenous groups of the region created their everyday implements from the natural resources of the Southwest. In addition, workshops are offered to provide a hands-on experience for the general public, avocationalists, and archaeologists.  


SWARA personnel are experienced in flaked stone, ground stone, ceramic, and geographical information systems (GIS) analyses. We work closely with local experts in faunal and pollen analysis as well as geomorphology.

Consulting Services

SWARA offers a full range of cultural resource consulting services focusing on state and federal agency collaboration, as well as resource assessments for private land owners. Contact us to see if retaining or partnering with a non-profit is right for your cultural resource consulting needs.


SWARA offers a unique (to Arizona) Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) service. The RTI technique allows for cutting edge imaging for artifact documentation and analysis.


In addition to other services, SWARA is committed to developing and conducting original archaeological research throughout the Colorado Plateau and American Southwest. Among others, current research foci include: integrating emerging technologies into archaeological site and artifact analyses; exploration of variability in Sinagua architectural styles through documentation, survey, and ethnographic inquiry; and the organization of pre-Columbian technologies beginning with resource acquisition, implement manufacture, and sociocultural uses.